May 26, 2018

I had recently received the proofs for my book, Gods of this World. I am pouring over any last-minute editorial changes that need to be implemented before its release. And speaking of its release, now has the book available for pre-order! For those wanting to secure a copy upon its posted July 21st release date, click here!


May 8, 2018

As we head into the summer season, I'm wrapping up final grading and drawing my semester to a close. I was sad that my submission for the annual EPS was declined, but these things typically have a competitively high volume of submissions. Ah well!

The summer will leave me some available time for both travel and writing. I'll be in Chicago during much of July, so that will be a nice reprieve from the desert heat. As for writing, I'll be doing some ongoing editorial work with my soon-to-be published book, Gods of this World. Things are progressing on the publisher's end, so I look forward to finalizing the editing process and having a completed work by the time summer ends (or Fall begins).

I also have two chapters completed thus far on my current book tentatively titled, The Conqueror's Tread. This will be a more accessible book designed for a more general audience on the subject of spiritual warfare. It will have apologetic significance in its treatment of certain theological and philosophical concepts. My hope is to have at least enough of a manuscript to find a publisher. But my best-case scenario is to have it completed by the time my other book gets released!

On the academic front, I'm currently engaging in some further research on the subject of lust and sexual desire. Though a topic of obvious theological significance, my approach is to consider a philosophical (ethical) angle on it that does not depend on special revelation. We'll see where that takes me. Some of the interaction I had at my recent debate seemed to solidify some initial thoughts I put together. I look forward to expanding that towards a paper ... preferably one that doesn't get rejected!