November 9, 2015

I am currently at work on finalizing a paper for Philosophia Christi that pertains to a paper I read back in April to the EPS conference on the topic of appealing to "diabolical defenses" in order to blunt the implications of (some) natural evil in the world. I am also hard at work on writing my next paper entitled, "Can there be a Natural Diabology?" wherein I am discussing the prospects of arguing for the existence of Satan. On the popular-level side, I am working on my book on Christian demonology that is aimed at the layperson. It will be a distilled version of my doctoral work along with other pieces of research I have accomplished on the subject. The tentative title says it all, A Christian Demonology for the Thoughtful Evangelical. For the first time, it will offer a rigorous but readable discussion about the existence and nature of demons for Christians who want more than "pat answers" and theological musings over such things.