January 3, 2018

My book (Gods of this World) has now been successfully submitted to the editors at Wipf & Stock. I also recently proofed my article, "A New Challenge to a Warfare Theodicy" which was accepted and is being published in the International Journal of Philosophy and Theology. In the meantime, the Evangelical Philosophical Society has announced their annual meeting for next year (in Denver, CO) and I will be submitting three paper proposals for reading there in the hopes that one of them gets accepted. Either way, I'm definitely planning on attending since it's much closer to home and, so, less expensive to make the flight there. Also by then I should have my book in distribution and, so, it should be made available at the book vendors area for purchase.

I'm also engaging in some new research on the theological subject of Conditional Immortality and look forward to making progress going into the new year on that front.

All the while, I'm finalizing the semester's end and am going to modify and update my online lecture material for my upcoming distance education students. Busy, busy, busy!