January 16, 2017

Happy New Year! Well, 2016 has left us with a series of mixed feelings as many familiar faces in entertainment as well as scholarship have departed (with 2017 already seeing the departure of philosopher Derek Parfit). Of course the U.S. Presidential election also ensued last year breaking all of the rules of political engagement. And its results less than uncontroversial, too! But, for me, this year heralds a 20-year anniversary of my having an internet presence. Having originally started at a domain prefaced with "members.tripod.com" (remember that??), I began a page that promised to deliver articles objecting to arguments advanced by a number of critical web sites. We here have evolved well past that - looking to make this page more of a site designed to house materials both in and out of academica.

Speaking of that, as we head into this new year, I am actively working toward publishing my first academic book (I am currently seeking a publisher) and also working on a new paper project or two ... or three. Once the academic work can gain some traction, I have also been working on a popular-level book that distills the material from the academic work but makes it much more palatable to the lower and intermediate readers. It will also contain more material not already included in the academic version - material that is of particular interest to layreaders and not so much the academic community.

Submitting a paper proposal this week and hoping to attend one of the two west-based conferences in the philosophy of religion. It will be great reconnecting with some great minds as well as tapping new ones. May 2017 bring scholars and students alike a hope-filled season!

A new year also marks a new semester at university. The university where I teach will have much to keep me busy as I am incorporating some new material involving - gasp! - political philosophy. We'll be exploring the thinking of John Rawls, the architect of current liberal thinking, as well as a response from Robert Nozick. This will also mean some additional cheesy pictures will need to be generated for my introductory remarks! Ha!

As Sherlock from the now-concluded series declares, "the game is on." ...