May 10, 2016

Well, the Spring semester is winding down and summer is upon us! For those reasons, summer is always a welcome time of the year. This summer I am continuing with some extensive projects. First, I am seeking a publisher for my doctoral dissertation. This is proving to be difficult as I am receiving no replies in the packets I have submitted thus far. Perhaps this is normal? At any rate, I am writing a popular-level version of that book that not only distills down the material contained in the academic version, but I am supplementing with a great deal of new material that the average reader seeks information about. Also included are answers to loosely related questions about the work's content. Pending right now is an article submitted to Faith and Philosophy journal for publication. And I am still awaiting approval on a paper to read at the upcoming EPS conference in November.

This May also marks the submission deadline for Arp and McCraw's (eds) new book, Philosophical Perspectives of Demonology (Routledge). My chapter promises to condense some of the salient points I raised in my doctoral dissertation. That will likely be published by 2017.

I am also continuing my studies in philosophical psychology. In particular, I am interested in the controversies associated with understanding the nature of mental health and its relation to physical health/etiologies. The traditional debate over mind and body carry over into and are illuminated by discussions about mental disorders. For example, anthropological dualism is more at home with the current climate about the nature of mental disorders and its apparent irreducibility to mere biological factors. I recommend a book that I have benefited from thus far: George Graham's The Disordered Mind. Graham gives a very readable overview of the challenges associated with the DSM and the (failing) prospect of identifying mental disorders with physical disorders.