April 28, 2017

Things have been very busy for me this year - in a good way! I was asked to referee a paper for a predominant journal in the philosophy of religion. I have submitted a paper to Religious Studies for review (awaiting results; fingers crossed). I completed my entry for The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion. I was asked, and completed, two entries for the new edition of Dictionary of Philosophy of Religion (by Taliaferro and Marty). I mostly completed a new research paper for submission on the dicey subject of poltergeists, hauntings, and demonology. Yikes!

But the greatest thing going on so far is that I have finally landed a book publisher for my work, Gods of this World. Wipf & Stock expressed interest in publishing this work through their imprint, Pickwick. I haven't formally accepted quite yet, but at least it is a live option as of now. It is a cause for personal celebration as last year was certainly the year of rejections for me! It's nice to see some things turn around right now.

About 75% of the book is complete, but I imagine in about 6 months (or less) I'll have an initial draft ready for review. It's been thrilling studying this subject; and I'm not quite sure what will happen once this labor of love is complete. What's next? ...