November 5, 2018

Gods of this World is currently available for purchase at the publisher's web site. Be sure to order today at an incredible 40% discount off of the retail price! Click here for a direct link.


November 2, 2018

Well, it's official! Gods of this World has an official publication date of October 30th, 2018! Expect it to land in bookstores and online outlets (like within 2-4 weeks. This project has been a long-time coming and I hope it will revolutionize its field within the philosophy of religion.

Just finished up some edits on my upcoming entry ("Angels, Early Theories") for Taliaferro's and Goetz's The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion due out next year.

Meanwhile, I'm busy at work on three current projects. First, I am formulating a paper entitled "Forgotten Persons" on the subject of angelic beings in relation to the field of the philosophy of mind to be read at the Mountain-Pacific regional meeting of SCP. Second, I am trying to finish up on a draft of a paper for publication. And third, I am hard at work on my next book, The Conqueror's Tread. This book serves as a sequel but will not be as academic as the first. The current book will be more conversational but no less philosophical. That is, I'm writing on the subject of "spiritual warfare" but from a philosophical perspective (with all of the necessary theological adjuncts that go along with it, such as scriptural exegesis).

Finally, I'm also looking forward to the conference November 13-15 (the annual EPS conference taking place in Denver, CO). Hope to see old friends and new ones there!