August 22, 2018

Summer is drawing to and end. And if you frequent your local department stores, you may even draw the conclusion that Fall has already begun. Some stores, like home improvement stores, already have Christmas decorations on display!

The proofs for my book, Gods of this World, have been finally approved and is, as far as I can tell, ready for publication. I put together an index of names as well as a subject index. I'm hoping readers will find those inclusions useful. The book cover is also completed and I'm pretty excited about how the book looks overall. I can't wait for its release! now has the book available for pre-order. For those wanting to secure a copy upon its new release date (which is soon), click here!

I'm currently busy working on my new book which is designed more for a lay audience. The them is "spiritual warfare" and will incorporate insights from Gods of this World. I've also been asked to participate in another debate upcoming this September 29th at 7pm at the local Center for Science and Wonder.

I'm also getting ready for a new semester and am preparing for another conference in November (the annual EPS conference taking place in Denver, CO). Hope to see old friends and new ones there!