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Department of Philosophy
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 455028
Las Vegas, NV  89154-5028

Vocational Posts:


Doctoral Thesis:

A New Metaphysics for Christian Demonology: Psychodynamic Immaterialism
Director:  Dr. Lloyd Strickland

Research Interests/Specialties:

    • Philosophy of Religion
    • Philosophy of Christian Demonology
    • The Coherence of Theism
    • Existentialism
    • Biblical Studies
    • Protestant Theology/History
    • Ethics

Papers and Publications:

  • Books
    • The Conqueror's Tread: A Reasoned Approach to Spiritual Warfare (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock; 2022).
    • Gods of this World (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2018).
  • Book Chapters
    • “Angels, Early Theories,” Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion, ed. by Charles Taliaferro and Stewart Goetz (Wiley-Blackwell; 2021).
    • “Christian Demonology: A New Philosophical Perspective,” in Philosophical Perspectives of Demonology, ed. by Robert Arp and Benjamin McGraw (Routledge, 2017).
  • Conference Papers
    • "An Example of How Not to Object to Demonic Realism" (2022; paper read at the annual EPS/ETS conference in Denver, CO)
    • "The Examined Life Worth Defending" (2022; paper read at the Far West regional EPS in Ontario, CA).
    • "The Apologetic Value of Christian Demonology" (2019; paper read at the annual Evangelical Philosophical Society in San Diego, CA).
    • “An Ever-lacking Punishment? A Response to the Ethical Argument from Justice against Eschatological Annihilationism” (2018; paper to be read at the annual Evangelical Philosophical Society).
    • “A Reply to David Kyle Johnson: On Justified Belief” (2018; paper to be read at the southwest division of the Evangelical Philosophical Society).
    • “Can Demons Do the Extraordinary, Or Is It All In Your Head?” (2016; paper read at the pacific regional division of the Society of Christian Philosophers).
    • “The Implausibility of a Diabolical Theodicy” (2015; paper read at the mid-western regional division of the Evangelical Philosophical Association).
  • Journal Articles

 Other Professional Talks/Speeches:

  • Panel Debate on “Lust: How to Own our Sexuality” at the Center for Science and Wonder (April 28, 2018).
  • “What Hath Philosophy to do with Me?” speech for Phi Theta Kappa, the College of Southern Nevada’s local Honor Society (April 22, 2016).
  • “The Meaning of Life as a Tool for Evangelism” speech for the UNLV Christian Graduates Organization (April 25, 2014).
  • “Reasoning the Resurrection: Where Athens Meets Jerusalem” presentation in UNLV’s Phil: Reason & Religion course (Fall 2012).
  • Public debate with Dr. William Ramsey: “Which is More Reasonable: Christianity or Atheism?” at UNLV (April, 2011).

Membership in Professional Organizations:

  • Society of Christian Philosophers
  • Evangelical Theological Society
  • American Philosophical Association

Awards Received:

  • 1997:  The International Honour Society’s Certificate of Outstanding Scholastic Achievement

Courses Taught:

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Logic & Critical Thinking
  • Ethics
  • American Philosophy
  • The Meaning of Life
  • Introduction to Philosophy

February 2, 2023

Last night's debate was a good one and I appreciated interacting with Ben Watkins, an atheist scientist and podcaster, on Cameron Bertuzzi's Capturing Christianity show. The YouTube podcast episode can be accessed at https://youtu.be/r4T5pK6om9M.

A lot of things continue behind the "scenes" and, as a result, have been keeping me quite busy--mostly on the ministry front. Though I'm still teaching courses, conducting research, publishing, etc., I'm also involving myself in extracurricular projects that distract from these other things. I'm still working on my next book (as of the end of 2022, I finally finished writing the second chapter), so I don't expect I'll be fishing for a publisher until perhaps next year.

And don't forget: The Conqueror's Tread: A Reasoned Approach to Spiritual Warfare is now available for purchase.

If any other noteworthy news comes about, I'll be sure to update everyone!


Professional Publications:

"How Not to Object to Demonic Realism," Religions 2022, 13(7), 610

Review of Hearing Voices, Demonic and Divine: Scientific and Theological Perspectives by Christopher C. H. Cook (Routledge, 2018) for the American Academy of Religion

Gods of this World (Eugence, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2018)

"Assessing the Extra-Dimensional Hypothesis as a Christian Explanation of Paranormal Activity" (forthcoming)

"Angels: Early Theories," entry in The Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion, ed. by Charles Taliaferro and Stewart Goetz (forthcoming)

A New Challenge to a Warfare Theodicy,” International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, 5.2 (December, 2017).

"Christian Demonology: A New Philosophical Perspective," Philosophical Approaches to Demonology, ed. by Robert Arp and Benjamin McCraw (London: Routledge, 2017), chapter 3.

"The Implausibility of a Diabolical Theodicy" (paper read at the mid-western region of the EPS; 2015)

"A New Metaphysics for Christian Demonology: Psychodynamic Immaterialism" (Ph.D dissertation; 2015)

"Rationalism and the Historical Mind-Body Controversy," Quodlibet (Volume IV, Number 2-3; 2002).

“Concerning Theodore Drange’s Argument from Evil for the Non-Existence of God,” The Examined Life Online Philosophy Journal (Volume III, Issue 10; 2002).

On Gillespie’s Misapplication of the A-Theory of Time to the Impossibility of an Actual Infinite in the Kalam Cosmological Argument” The Examined Life Online Philosophy Journal (Volume I, Issue 3; 2000).

Popular-Level Articles:

"Spiritual Warfare and Apologetics," The Worldview Bulletin (June 20, 2022)

"Do You Mean That You Believe in Devils Too?": A Reply to Hitchens and Barker (2016)

Can Satan Read Your Mind? (2011)

The Epistemic Argument Against Abortion (2008)

A Molinist Perspective on the Homiletical "Divine Appointment" (2005)

A Swift Response to Dan Barker's "Cosmological Kalamity" (2004)

Atheism and the Argumentum ad Ignorantiam: Why Atheists Cannot Avert the Burden of Proof (2003)

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus (2000 - section IV reviewed by Dr. Ed Nelson)

"They Shall Never Perish": Possible Worlds and the Problem of Eternal Security (1998; 2010)

A New Discussion on Mormonism (1989; 2008)


 Debate with atheist Ben Watkins on the existence of demons on Capturing Christianity (February 1, 2023)

 Presentation and Q&A on The Conqueror's Thread: A Reasoned Approach to Spiritual Warfare (with Eric Chabot of Ratio Christi; posted April 18, 2022)

"Why Does God Allow Suffering?" Interview pt. 1 (posted January 12, 2022; recorded October, 2020)

Discussion/Debate on Faith & Logic on "The Cancelled Podcast" (September 12, 2021)

Podcast interview on "Master's Crib" with Pastor Jason Burger (January 12, 2021) discussing "Judges 6 and God's Authority to interrupt."

Interview on my book, Gods of this World with Eric Chabot (with Ratio Christi) (December 8, 2020)

"Special October Series: Demonology with Dr. Shandon Guthrie" (November 4, 2020)

Interview on Capturing Christianity: "Why Demons Probably Exist" (October 29, 2020)

Debate on "Arguments For/Against the Existence of God": Daniel Schalit vs. Shandon L. Guthrie (2014)

The Big 5 Series, Part 1: Did God Command Moral Atrocities in the Old Testament?

The Big 5 Series, Part 2:: How Can God Exist When There is Evil in the World?

The Big 5 Series, Part 3: How Can God Exist When There is Evil in the World? continued

The Big 5 Series, Part 4: Where Did God Come From? ... And Other Questions on Cosmology

The Big 5 Series, Part 5: Why Does God Seem so Hidden?

The Big 5 Series, Part 6:

[Questions about] God and the Coherence of the Divine Attributes

Debate on "Pride: What Should we See in the Mirror?" (Sept. 29, 2018) that occurred at the Center for Science and Wonder.

Opening Statement in Debate on "Lust: How Should we Best Own our Sexuality?" (April 2018) that occurred at the Center for Science and Wonder.

What Is Apologetics? (2014)

Debate: William Ramsey & Michael Gobaud vs. Shandon L. Guthrie & Jordan Fishel: Which is More Reasonable: Christianity or Atheism? (April, 2011)

"Mormonism pt. 1" and "Mormonism pt. 2" (2011)

Q & A Panel at UNLV on "How Do You Know God Exists?" (2011)

Q & A Panel at UNLV on "How Can You Decide Which Religion is the 'Right Religion'?" (2011)

Q & A Panel at UNLV on "If God exists, why would he allow his creation to experience pain, hurt, and sorrow?" (2011)

Q & A Panel at UNLV on "If God is loving, then why did he give word to those in the old testament to kill every man, woman, and child?" (2011)

Q & A Panel at UNLV on "What is the Trinity, and how can one God be three separate entities?" (2011)

Debate: Shandon Guthrie vs. Doug Krueger: Atheism vs. Theism: Which View is More Rational? (May 9, 2005)


The Conqueror's Tread:
A Reasoned Approach to Spiritual Warfare

“For many Christians, the concept of spiritual warfare involves scenarios that are often enchanting, extravagant, and even parapsychological. Hard-lined skeptics respond by treating it instead as an archaic and outmoded superstition--a farce. While we might think a simple reading of Scripture will settle the matter, this has not been the case since those writing on the subject are (tacitly) influenced by dubious philosophical commitments and presuppositions left unchecked. This groundbreaking book incorporates philosophical reasoning in formulating for the everyday Christian a robust biblical doctrine of spiritual warfare. It is a serious but readable attempt to understand what spiritual warfare is by addressing both the theological and philosophical issues involved. The Conqueror's Tread dares to take a reasoned approach to pressing questions such as:

Do supernatural beings really exist? If so, what are they and what can they do?
Are there territorial spirits?
Is exorcism a part of spiritual warfare?
Does spiritual warfare involve speaking aloud, prayerwalking, and breaking curses?
What can evil spirits do to Christians? Can Christians be demon-possessed?
Why would God allow his people to be in a state of conflict with evil spirits?
What is Christian holiness and how do we pursue it?
What role does apologetics have?

and many more!”


“The concept of spiritual warfare is a familiar one to Christians, but how should it best be understood? Through a combination of deft hermeneutics, clinical argumentation, and methodical analysis, Guthrie builds a systematic theory of spiritual warfare that is firmly grounded in both philosophy and Scripture. The Conqueror’s Tread is a lively, engaging, and accessible sequel to Gods of This World.”
—Lloyd Strickland, Manchester Metropolitan University

“The Conqueror’s Tread stands out brilliantly among books concerned with the subject of spiritual warfare specifically, and more generally, that of angels and demons. . . . Guthrie adeptly combines philosophy and theology while also addressing areas of apologetics and evangelism. The payoff is biblically sound and answers to the overarching question ‘What does Jesus’s conquering look like for the everyday believer?’ From the average reader to pastors and teachers, this is a sorely needed book for the church.”
—Jonathan King, International Pastoral Training Director, Family Discipleship Ministries

Buy today (through Wipf & Stock)!


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Gods of this World:
A Philosophical Discussion and Defense of Christian Demonology

“Philosophers of religion have focused almost exclusively on the existence and nature of God and the nature and destiny of human beings. But these philosophers have been remiss in engaging discussions about the possibility of there being adverse gods of this world (demonic beings) despite being a doctrine that comprises a significant part of the Christian confession. This drought in the literature has left a number of questions unaddressed including:

Hasn’t science buried the demonic?
Are there any successful philosophical arguments for the existence of Satan?
What kind of being is Satan? Is he the fallen angel of lore?
Is it reasonable for Christians to say that demons are purely immaterial spirits?
Can demons causally interact with the physical world and its inhabitants?

Can demons perform diabolical miracles? Shandon Guthrie broaches new territory beginning with a rigorous defense for the existence of Satan and his cohorts. He then advances and defends a model for how to understand their nature in terms of their ontology and causal powers. No other book has attempted a full-fledged natural diabology on behalf of Christian orthodoxy. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the dark side of Christian theology and metaphysics.”


"A large part of the world population believes in demons, angels, ghosts, and other supernatural forces, and yet very few philosophers have dared to develop a serious account of such beings. Guthrie’s Gods of this World is a brilliant, unique work offering a serious philosophical account of the demonic with analytical skill and excellent research."
        -Charles Taliaferro, St. Olaf College


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