April 16, 2018

We had a great time down in Phoenix, Arizona for the Far West regional meeting of the EPS. The event was held at Grand Canyon University with a student-run hotel adjoined to its premises. The campus was larger than I had anticipated and was adorned with impressive buildings and foliage that filled out the landscape. This would certainly be a great university to teach for!

I have a speaking engagement that is fast approaching for locals that may be interested. I was asked to participate in a panel debate/discussion on the subject of "Lust: How Do We Best Own Our Sexuality?" Admittedly, this is an unusual topic for a philosopher, much less a Christian philosopher, to engage. But it will be amidst a largely secular and atheist audience. This will be a great opportunity to impact a group of nonbelievers who would otherwise never situate themselves to hear a talk given by a Christian teacher. I will be interpreting my role as a springboard to communicating the Christian ethos and tying it in to the need to take the Gospel message seriously given the ramifications of lust. I'll be sharing the platform with a sex therapist and a sex education specialist. This event will be held on April 28, 2018 at the Center for Science and Wonder (CSaW) at 7pm. Non-members pay a $10 entry fee.