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From the early beginnings of Christianity to the present-day, Christianity has been under seige by critics who seek to abolish its heritage as an intellectual enterprise. Let the disciplines of knowledge, philosophy, and science continue to encourage Christianity to prevail ... even where angels fear to tread.

April 13, 2015

For those interested, here is a recording of the reading of my paper, "The Implausibility of a Diabolical Theodicy," delivered to the midwestern regional division of the Evangelical Philosophical Society on April 10th, 2015. It is followed by some thoughtful Q & A.


March 15, 2015

It has been a while since updating my status on my web site here, but doctoral studies and other obligations have dominated my time (as to be expected!). As such, I am nearing completion of writing my dissertation which needs to be finalized by the end of May. That date is quickly approaching!

I will also be delivering my paper,"The Implausibility of a Diabolical Theodicy," to the mid-western region of the Evangelical Philosophical Society during the second week of April (10-11). This work will constitute the first published form of my doctoral studies to date. The paper is not designed to critique the possibility of a diabolical theodicy, only to suggest that, if Satan and his demons are truly immaterial creatures and incapable of intra-worldly contact, then no such appeal can be made by which to explain the inauguration of animal suffering (and the decay of the world in general) in a pre-Fall state.

Also in process is my contribution to the upcoming book Philosophical Perspectives on Demonology (2016). I must have my chapter completed by the beginning of August. Very exciting to get these ideas out in circulation and to cement them in the academic world. Many have requested readings of my work which I have kept pretty much under wrap. All I can say is, expect some distribution to occur this year.

Eventually, I would like to get my entire dissertation (with perhaps some extras and annotations) in book form. Accordingly, I would like to have a popularized, distilled version of my work for readers not trained in philosophy and theology. These would be additional, fun projects to get in circulation.

Finally, I am being asked to graft a talk for the Christian Grads group at UNLV. I am also preparing a talk on Revelation 20-21 for a youth group. Whew!

Prayers are appreciated as I go forward with these projects. They are time-intensive!

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