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From the early beginnings of Christianity to the present-day, Christianity has been under seige by critics who seek to abolish its heritage as an intellectual enterprise. Let the disciplines of knowledge, philosophy, and science continue to encourage Christianity to prevail ... even where angels fear to tread.

January 15, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone!

In the upcoming week, a new semester begins for me at both UNLV and CSN. As I am gearing up for another teaching session, I am also concluding the writing portion of my doctoral dissertation. I am excited about the work and its contribution to a solid Christian demonology. I also believe it will provide a coherent and de-mythologized context in which to understand God and creation's archenemies.

In addition, on this coming Sunday I will be sharing with the high-schoolers at the local Awana's program, Journey, some preliminary material about the Book of Revelation and how to interact with and understand it.

I also want to share a blog written by Lydia McGrew where she offers up some helpful philosophical insight as to how we are to understand the comparison of the lack of marriage between "angels in heaven" with the kind of human union we can expect in heaven. Her blog appears here.

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