May 8, 2019

Forthcoming this year in terms of upcoming academic publications is my review of Christopher Cook's recent book, Hearing Voices: Demonic and Divine (Routledge, 2018), for the American Academy of Religion. Later this year we should see the publication of my entry for The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion (edited by Charles Taliaferro and Stewart Goetz)..EPS is also coming this Novemeber to San Diego and I've already booked by room and made my reservation. I managed to put together a couple of papers and submit them for consideration before the deadline. We'll see if any of them gets chosen. On one of them, I received some feedback from SCP earlier this year that gave me better focus on its content. I hope to be able take it to a broader audience in November (EPS is a huge event for Christian philosophers!).

I have been spending a great deal of time with an initial draft of my next book, The Conqueror's Tread, which has not been circulated yet for a publisher. Part of how I groom my work is to produce most of the chapters first in order to see whether or not there needs to be any deletions or additions in facilitating a complete but not overly extensive product. Sometimes I find myself wanting to do too much in a manuscript which would be better served as a standalone secondary book. I'm finding that to be the case in the present work as I am struggling to settle on its own identity. At any rate, I've made significant progress! Almost all of the chapters have been written which I didn't expect this early in the year.

I also have some talks scheduled for this year. I'll be sure to note them as they become available. One of them is a podcast on tap for this summer that has been tentatively planned.

As usual, I'm open to booking any talks regarding my work both academically and publicly. I have a heart for ministry, so if there are any local churches and institutions interested in the kind of training I can bring to the table, feel free to contact me at shandonguthrie [AT]