November 23, 2016

This time of the year always reminds me of the things to be thankful for as well as an awareness of the needs of those who populate areas of the world where one is fortunate if they can manage to survive. Though this is not the only time I reflect on such matters - indeed it is a daily reflection I ponder in deciding if I'm taking adequate steps to contribute to the remedy of our fallen world - it does tend to draw my attention back to what truly matters in life. My prayer this season is for a diminishing of dark forces around the world and an emboldening of God's soldiers in combating, not only poverty and health, but ignorance and intellectual laziness. In some cases, these phenomena are linked. And perhaps steps toward advancing the latter can positively affect the former.

In the wake of a turbulent election filled with dissension from both within and without its respective political parties, I have found that the United States, my home country, has had to wrestle with its very soul. It has brought out the worst in people and has culminated in an assortment of disenchanted voters and anxious hopefuls. Whatever becomes in the U.S., I believe God continues to direct, not the policies of this or that country per se, but the kingdom He wishes to grow and groom. Our divisions have forced us to be more educated, more loving, gentler, and more understanding of those at arm's reach and those with whom we sup this holiday season. May the peace of God touch our homes, our hearts, and our nations; and may the Gospel disseminate, not from the hands of superficial adherents and money-grubbers, but at the hands of those humbled by the frailty of our fallen world. "It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power" (1 Cor. 15.43). Amen.

Happy Holidays!