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From the early beginnings of Christianity to the present-day, Christianity has been under seige by critics who seek to abolish its heritage as an intellectual enterprise. Let the disciplines of knowledge, philosophy, and science continue to encourage Christianity to prevail ... even where angels fear to tread.

February 16, 2015

My paper, "The Implausibility of a Diabolical Theodicy," was recently accepted by the mid-western region of the Evangelical Philosophical Society! This work will constitute the first published form of my doctoral studies to date. The conference is in Chicago, IL and will be over the weekend of April 10-11. The paper is not designed to critique the possibility of a diabolical theodicy, only to suggest that, if Satan and his demons are truly immaterial creatures and incapable of intra-worldly contact, then no such appeal can be made by which to explain the inauguration of animal suffering (and the decay of the world in general) in a pre-Fall state.

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