March 1, 2019

I've been busy at work on a number of projects. The two occupying me currently are the researching and writing of my newest book (which has yet to land a publisher), The Conqueror's Tread and will be a popular-level read. In many ways it functions as a "sequel" to Gods of this World. And speaking of Gods of this World, the book is now available on Kindle for $9.99!

I will also be attending the Mountain-Pacific Regional meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers that is being held here in good ol' Las Vegas, NV on April 5-6, 2019! There, I will be presenting a paper entitled, "The Limitations of Semidivine Persons" which builds a bit on my research over the past eight years. It's also in anticipation of the forthcoming publication of Taliaferro's and Goetz's The Blackwell Encylopedia of the Philosophy of Religion (2019). Therein I have an entry that will be included entitled, "Angels, Early Theories."

As always, I am open to giving a talk, lecture, or colloquium at a college, university, or professional society pertaining to any of my areas of research interests and competency.
Of course, I am very much open to any popular-level talks on any of the same subject matters I specialize in (e.g., churches, bible study groups, etc.).
I can be reached at shandonguthrie [at] yahoo [dot] com.