June 6, 2017

As the Spring 2017 semester has officially come to an end, things are beginning to somewhat wind down. I will not have much relief come July, for that is when I will be taking on teaching a double-load set of summer intensives. The best news going into summer, of course, is that I have finally landed a book publisher for my work, Gods of this World. Wipf & Stock expressed interest in publishing this work through their imprint, Pickwick. The contract has been signed, sealed, and delivered - literally! I will be spending the better part of the summer finishing up researching and writing new material for ... well, one more chapter now. Initially I was adding two additional chapters of content, but managed to finish that as May drew to a close. I am happy to say that that chapter is officially completed.

About 80% of the book is now complete, and I forsee that I will be maximizing my remaining contract days to complete, edit, and polish the work (not to mention the logistical work such as formatting, coding, and preparing bibliography/notes). It's been thrilling studying this subject; and I look forward to eventually launching this product and making the speaking circuit to promote it and to avail others of the philosophical dimensions that book as to offer the field of the philosophy of religion.

I'm also working on other articles and such (one is currently under review at Sophia), and I hope to submit one soon on the subject of Augustine and paranormal activity. Finding a journal home for that might prove to be difficult. Ha!